Bottoms up in Gilroy!!!!

The question for all you garlic lovers is, have you ever looked at the bottom end of the garlic bulb you buy in the grocery store? I’m guessing not. Beware of the Chinese garlic version. China is putting our California growers out of business. You as a consumer you can stop this.

Gilroy, California is known as the garlic capital of the world. Gilroy not only grows but processes the garlic and you can smell the pungent to some or the sweet smell to others for miles.

Ten years ago all of the garlic in the United States was primarily grown in California, at the present time now 40% is grown here and 60% is produced in China.

So how can you tell the difference between the two, BOTTOMS UP. When buying garlic look at the bottom, if the bulb is cleaned off of roots and showing a concave clean spot you are looking at Chinese garlic. The agricultural dept requires that all garlic coming from China to be processed this way to prevent soil bourne plant diseases from sneaking into the United States.

I’d you see roots in tact you are looking at California grown garlic. These growers do not remove roots or clean off the bottoms at the root end.

Let’s talk quality, by all means our garlic is a higher quality and scores a higher BRIX (sugar content) scale rating than the Chinese version. Our chefs report Chinese garlic is noted not for sweetness but for a metallic bitterness.

So let’s say no to the Chinese version of garlic!  Use what we produce here and keep our farmers in business!  BOTTOMS UP!!!!

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