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The AgriLife Extension Office is located at 235 East Groves Street in Canton, Texas. Members of the Van Zandt County Master Gardener Association maintain the two gardens at the Extension Office as a part of the volunteer hours requiredeach year by Texas A&M. The garden on the southwest corner was started by the class of 2014 and the garden in front of the Extension Office was put in by the class of 2016.

The gardens continue to thrive even though there are ongoing challenges just as in one’s home garden. Choosing plants that are interesting and beautiful, yet strong enough to survive changing weather conditions, bugs, weeds and some neglect are just a few of the factorsto consider in deciding whichplants to use in the gardens. Using theknowledge gained by taking the three-month Master Gardener Course, and relying on trusted resources through A&M AgriLife Extension (,members can make the right decisions tokeep the gardens healthy and beautiful throughout the years.

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